Locks for armoured doors

CISA, whose main aim is to fully satisfy the customer needs for home protection, has created a very wide range of locks for armoured doors able to fullfill every kind of installation and safety need.

Six lever locks
It is the most classic and, consequently the most famous amongst our products for armoured doors.

Revolution, cylinder lock
The gear mechanism installed on REVOLUTION reduces the rotation torque of the key to a minimum level when the lock is activated.

Cambio Facile, rekeyable locks
In case of misplacement (even temporary) or in the case of a simple doubt, it is possible to change the combination of the keys without having to substitute the whole lock.

Multifunction locks
The union of two locks has allowed us to offer different types of functions in one product.

CISA e-Volution, electronic locks
Cisa celebrate the age of home security "intelligent" with its new electronic motorised lock, Cisa has created a true "safe guard" capable of recognizing its owner and allowing him access.

 It can record all opening and closing operations for a reliable audit trail of the events. The lock can be interfaced with an intelligent control system for the home (domotica) or to an already existing alarm system or one to be installed. The system is even flexible for public places, where the door can be programmed during precise time bands.

 It is proposed in different configurations: opening by a key - 20° rotation - to activate the mechanism, non-clonable micro processing card, transponder, alpha numeric keyboard, biometric recognition system.

 Manoeuvres are not required for closure. For maximum tranquillity, simply pulling over the door automatically activates the system and all bolts, closing the door completely. On the opening command, if the door is not moved within 15 seconds, the lock automatically closes. In case of automatic closure failure the lock send out an acoustic and flashing signal.

 For maximum practicality, even in emergency situations, the door can be opened mechanically with the complete turn of the traditional key.


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