Product Description


  • Flexible solutions for your design ideas.
  • Elegance in Hotel projects.
  • Customized security for hospitality industry design projects.

Contactless electronic lock - No wiring needed (battery on board)



  • Design: CISA eFLEXO combines the most innovative, superior design with advanced security features.
  • Non-invasive installation: CISA eFLEXO requires no wiring, making it easy to install and to upgrade existing systems.
  • Battery powered: CISA eFLEXO is powered by standard, off-the shelf batteries which guarantee long life.
  • Contactless technology: Users open the door intuitively, by simply holding the card up to the reader.
  • Do not disturb: CISA eFLEXO is fitted with LED “Do not disturb” signal advising staff whether guests are present in their rooms.
  • Wireless: CISA eFLEXO can be configured to communicate with remote system, giving constant control over locks and making it even easier to reprogramme and delete cards.
  • Installation service and training: The installation service is designed for customers looking for “turnkey” solutions.
  • Norms e regulations: Grade 1 for the mechanical security (the highest grade based on the UL standards for ANSI locks).



Warm tone finishes

  • Bright brass
  • Satin brass
  • Satin bronze
  • Aged bronze


Cool tone finishes

  • Satin nickel
  • Bright chrome
  • Satin chrome