Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, MobileKey by SimonsVoss enables you to manage access without traditional keys, offering enhanced security, comfort andf flexibility.

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eFAST is the CISA solution for motorised panic exit devices which increases security levels and performance in different kinds of buildings: schools and universities, offices and companies, hotels and B&Bs, hospitals.

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MyEVO is the CISA solution for armoured doors, consisting of a motorised lock and keypad. With MyEVO the door locks automatically when it is shut.

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Outside access devices


Outside access devices, which can be integrated into an access management system, guarantee maximum security and protection for a building. The innovative lever positioned below the cylinder reduces the risk of hitting fingers. Available with a return to door lever and lower lever for installations in restricted spaces.

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Change your lock at home

Home security starts at the front door: with CISA you can increase the level of security of your armoured door without necessarily having to replace it.

Keep your keys safe


If you have a CISA RS3 or a CISA AP3 key, request AuthentiCard so you can manage and control key duplication online: learn more.

If you already have an AuthentiCard, go directly to the customer reserved area and access all the services.