Mito Sensor

Security you can always keep an eye on. 

The new CISA Mito Sensor lock provides assisted access on fire doors installed in passageways and emergency exits. 

The status of the door is always known: the lock’s electronic board verifies if the handle is enabled or disabled to open from outside. By connecting the LED to the lock, the sensors on the board will signal to the user if the door can be opened from outside or not.

The MITO SENSOR lock can be installed with CISA panic exit devices, offering a complete, efficient and personalised solution thanks to:

Non-handed design

The new lock can be installed on both left and right hand doors; the selection of the hand is possible by moving a small lever on the lock.

Opening time customisation

The opening time can be set by turning the selector located directly on the lock to any position between a minimum of a 3'' to a maximun of 30''.


The installation can be done with either DC or AC power supply.