With CISA Allegion’s electromechanical and digital solutions, which make access more secure in new and existing buildings, the user experience becomes a smart experience, with scalable and customisable systems.

Watch these videos of some of the most common applications and ask our experts for assistance to find a system that meets your specific needs.




Our new smart solutions mean you can now manage access to your home without keys. One click on your smartphone and you can open all entrances, from your front gate to your front door. And if you want to give remote access to a guest, family member or your cleaner, nothing could be easier thanks to the numerical keypad with pin code.


From gate to door in a click


Remote opening for couriers

Keyless guest access


Integrated home automation





CISA and SimonsVoss have teamed up to provide digital solutions for centralised access control that let you customise access times and rights to different areas. You can restrict public access at certain times or grant access to certain areas only to those who have the right credentials.



Public access: time zones

Online wireless control


Access control in offices

Access to restricted areas





Integrating digital and electromechanical devices makes the day-to-day management of access credentials a lot easier wherever security is the top priority. The system enables you to configure and change credentials online, as well as manage and control access to different areas with credentials.


Access control


Delayed egress


Assisted emergency


Fast entry, controlled exit


Hands-free entry


Evacuation & assembly points

Hotel and b&bs



With CISA AERO you can set up electronic access control in your hotel, B&B or holiday apartment, managing access and issuing cards online.



CISA Aero web access control


eSigno electronic cylinder