Lock for rolling shutters

Product Description

The CISA lock for aluminium rolling shutters increases the security of the window but is still extremely easy to use.

Easy to use. Cross key cylinder, easy to replace euro profile cylinders. The handle activates the deadbolt and rods.

Personalised level of security. Choose the cylinder which best meets your needs.

One key opens several doors. With master key systems, you can use one key to open several different accesses, such as doors, gates and garages.

Key comfort. Key is small in size and easy to use.



The handle activates the deadbolt and extended bolts. Extended bolt stroke 25mm, top and bottom locking points blocked if the central deadbolt is forced, if the handle is forced the deadbolts cannot be withdrawn, deadbolt deadlocked even without using the key. Certified up to Security grade 3 according to EN 12209.



  • Zinc-plated steel case
  • Stainless steel faceplate
  • Additional locking points can be added
  • Square spindle which activates the deadbolt and extended bolts, can be blocked with the key


  • Pair of nylon protective roses item 1.06012.01.0
  • Pair of nylon faceplate spacers item 1.06141-65-0
  • Threaded pins for fixing the extended bolts
  • Fixing screws for lock and cylinder
  • Instruction sheet


  • Specific strike plates (see Handbook)
  • Cylinder protective roses item 06460.00.0