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Mobile technology is changing how guests of all ages, not just millennials, behave, as they rely on their smartphones for most of their everyday activities.

To meet ever-changing needs in the hospitality sector and provide an innovative guest experience, CISA has developed CISA Smart Access, an app that gives you access to your room using your smartphone.

With CISA Smart Access, opening your door is as easy as chatting.

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Benefits for guests and staff

Digital keys offer endless benefits for you - making check-in and hospitality services quicker and easier, and your guests - adding value to their experience. Find out how CISA digital keys can drive innovation in your lodging facility.

EFFICIENCY: digital keys can be sent to guests remotely at any time using a completely digitalised process, so your staff has more time to focus on other guest needs. If there is a room change or additional accesses are requested, the system generates a new key quickly and easily.

CONVENIENCE: digital keys and any changes in the length of a guest’s stay are sent instantly to their smartphone. They can view the name of the lodging facility, their room number and the details of their stay whenever they want.

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DISTANCING: thanks to mobile technology, you no longer need to sanitise physical credentials, you can bypass reception and skip the queue when checking in and out and minimise actual contact between guests and staff, respecting social distancing rules.

SUSTAINABILITY: moving over to digital keys means fewer plastic key cards, improving the environmental footprint and corporate social responsibility of your business.

SECURITY: our smartphone is never far away and we are reluctant to lend it to others, ensuring greater control over access management. If a key card is lost and not promptly cancelled, anyone can pick it up and gain access to the premises, whereas the various layers of protection we have on our smartphones – screen lock with a PIN, face ID, fingerprint recognition – help pre-empt this risk.

How does it work?

When booking or checking in, guests are asked to provide a telephone number or email address. Before or upon arrival, they receive a WhatsApp or an email with a link to download the app and their credentials.

By simply tapping the button on the app, they can open the door to their room and any other areas they have been granted access to. The digital key is automatically disabled after check-out.

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CISA Smart Access: enhances the guest experience

How to improve your digital strategy

The degree of automation you choose depends on your facility and CISA consultants are on hand to tailor the solution to your needs.

remote booking

GUESTS can make bookings and check in using the app or website and then receive their digital key directly to their smartphone.


The entire process is digitalised and can be expedited before guests actually arrive.


If there are self check-in kiosks, the key can be sent directly to the guest. The process can be completely paperless, even when using dedicated check-in apps.

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Sending a digital key is also a great opportunity to connect with your guests. When the Click-to-Chat link pops up on their screen, they can start a live WhatsApp chat session with the lodging facility in just one click, without having to save the number. It is a simple and immediate way of communicating with guests using instant messaging.

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The CISA eSIGNO 2.0 lock enhances the guest experience, customising and digitalising hospitality services such as the mobile access feature.

Wireless and mobile

CISA eSIGNO 2.0 is a wireless lock that offers state-of-the-art access control. eSIGNO 2.0 as it communicates with the remote system are sent to a dashboard, ensuring smarter building management.

Non-invasive installation

The lock is powered by standard, off-the-shelf batteries which guarantee long life and ensure the lock remains fully functional, even in the event of a power failure.


When combined with a mechanical lock with the DPR (Door Position Report) function, it offers greater security as it traces and records door status and any openings with the mechanical override key.

Do not disturb

The lock is fitted with a LED “Do not disturb” signal that advises staff when guests are in their rooms.

Technical Assistance

In addition to its standard warranty, CISA offers post-warranty modular service contracts to prevent and correct any issues. A CISA service contract guarantees optimal maintenance of the security system with periodic check-ups and rapid emergency response when required.

Contactless technology

Users open the door intuitively by simply holding the card up to the reader. This technology eliminates contact, resulting in less wear of parts.

Cyber security

The CISA eSIGNO 2.0 lock is fitted with secure element hardware and is regularly monitored by cyber security experts to guarantee not only physical but cyber protection.


CISA eSIGNO 2.0 combines the most innovative, superior Italian design with advanced security features. Its elegant, compact model meets all mechanical and aesthetic needs, blending in seamlessly wherever it is installed.


CISA eSIGNO 2.0 is suitable for use on fire doors (EN 1634). It can also be installed on emergency exits when combined with CE EN1125 or EN 179-certified products.

Installation service and training

The installation service is designed for customers looking for “turnkey” solutions. CISA engineers set up the entire system: installation, configuration and training, with maximum professionalism.


A flexible, modular solution

Depending on the lodging facility’s present or future needs, CISA eSIGNO 2.0 can be installed immediately or retrofitted without disrupting its basic function: providing guest access to rooms.

modalità utilizzo eSIGNO 2.0
tessera contactless

Standalone mode with Contactless card

Guests can open the door using a traditional contactless card.

Standalone access with card

Mobile credentials

Guests can use their smartphone to access their room via, for example, the CISA Smart Access app.

mobile access
tessera contactless
tessera contactless

Wireless mode with Bluetooth technology

wireless access