Double bitted key lock

CISA double bitted key locks for armoured doors offer high resistance to forced entry, thanks to their independent key bitting system and anti-picking system.

Protection against forced entry (lock).
"Independent key bitting" system. Every lever is controlled by a separate spring.
The system protects against tampering and picking tools (European patent) and is active on all six levers of the lock to provide greater protection against forced entry with picking tools (Bulgarian method).

Key security.
The independent key bitting system offers more than 240 billion key differs (different keys). It is almost impossible to find two keys the same in circulation, a great advantage compared to double bitted key systems available on the market.


  • Version with construction key: the key operates the latch bolt
  • Version with service key: the key operates the latch bolt and the first two throws


  • Zinc-plated steel case
  • High resistance zinc-plated steel faceplate
  • High resistance zinc-plated steel reversible latch bolt
  • High resistance zinc-plated steel deadbolts
  • Packaging: 1 or pcs. (industrial packaging)
  • Two standard sizes to meet different installation needs.
  • 12V ac CE
  • Current absorption 3.1A


  • Keys
  • Inner keyhole escutcheon
  • Outer keyhole escutcheon