D7200 cam action door closer

CISA D7200 door closers are fitted with cam technology which delivers high performance and efficiency when opening and maximum control when closing.

Easy to open.
Cam technology and the sliding arm make this an extremely efficient door closer, especially in the initial pushing stage when more strength is needed to open the door. Compared to traditional door closers using rack and pinion technology, the D6200 makes opening doors a lot easier. The body is very compact, for a stylish aesthetic design.

Versatile installation.
Cam technology also allows you to install the door closer on doors which open outwards, avoiding having to reverse assembly and making appearance more attractive.
Installation is quick and easy thanks to the adhesive template and special mounting bracket.

Versatile range.
The multi-strength version (EN 2-4) can be installed on doors from 850 - 1250 mm and weighing up to 100 Kg.
The CE-marked version can be installed on fire doors up to 950 mm and weighing up to 60 kg.

Easy to adjust.
The sliding cover makes it easy to access the closing speed and final latch action adjustment valves which are positioned on the front of the door closer. 
The force adjustment system enables you to see the current force setting for the door closer. 

Control and protection of the door.
The closing speed and final latch action adjustment valves ensure accurate control of the door's performance.
The version with hold-open arm is suitable when the door needs to be kept in a certain position in total safety.
The versions supplied with the backcheck function protect the structure of the door if t is used improperly.


  • Cast iron body
  • Steel sliding arm with or without hold open device
  • Metal cover
  • Cam operation reduces the force needed when opening the door
  • Adjustment valves with thermostatic device
  • The multi-strength version (EN 2-5) can be installed on doors from 850 - 1250 mm and weighing up to 100 kg
  • The CE-marked EN3 version can be installed on fire doors up to 950 mm and weighing up to 60 kg


Closing force adjustment: the innovative ‘FAST PowerAdjust’ system enables you to see the EN force the door closer is set at.

  • Adjustable closing speed from 120˚ to 7°
  • Adjustable final latch action in the end section (7°) to overcome seals and latch bolts
  • Adjustable delayed closing. The door closer can be set to allow people to go through the door, slowing the closing speed down to between 70˚ and 120°.
  • Adjustable backcheck to prevent damage to the door, hardware and the adjacent walls, due to an excessive pushing force when opening the door.
  • Adjustable hold open device.


  • Assembly plate
  • Screws
  • Adhesive templates



  • Fin. 97 Aluminium


On request

  • Fin. 87 Champagne
  • Fin. 88 Dark brown
  • Fin. 44 Black
  • Fin. 90 Matt black
  • Fin. 45 White
  • Fin. C2 Satin stanless steel


  • CE marking in compliance with EN 1154