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Innovative, personalised solutions for keyless access to your home from the front gate to your front door. You can also grant access to others remotely and ask your voice assistant to open the door for you.




In the corporate and commercial sectors, our systems allow you to manage and monitor access with credentials, including temporary rights, to specific or reserved areas, as well as programming public access without credentials using integrated digital wireless devices. Our solutions enable you to upgrade existing openings, such as turning a fire door with a panic exit device for emergency exit into a programmed access.

Hotel and B&Bs


HOTEL and B&Bs

With CISA AERO you can install electronic access control using contactless RFID cards and without having to replace locks and cylinders.




Customised, scalable access control solutions that work in any situation, from the day-by-day management of access credentials for health workers and users, to smooth hands-free movement of beds and stretchers and real emergencies.