eFAST motorised mortice panic exit device

Greater protection for people and businesses.

CISA eFAST motorised mortice panic exit device
ensures safe egress in an emergency and
more secure access control.

CISA eFAST is a motorised panic exit device which can be connected to multiple devices, such as keypads or card readers, making access control even securer.

eFAST enhances the performance of the emergency exit door, turning it into an efficient and "smart" entrance.

CISA eFAST is the ideal solution for emergency fire doors in public and commercial buildings with heavy human traffic, especially in the hospital and healthcare sectors (clinics, doctors' surgeries, medical centres).

Access control

With CISA eFAST, the motorised mortice panic exit device, controlling access from the outside becomes easier and egress quicker in all situations.

The motorised solution can be installed to upgrade a mechanical version, enabling you to control access from the outside. It can be connected to existing access control systems..

The keypad or transponder allow efficient management of staff and widespread entry control.