CISA electronic wall safe Darwin

Darwin is the result of an innovative and practical installation concept.

Allows you to prepare the houses under construction or renovation to accommodate a safe but leaves the owner / tenant free to decide when to apply the front and then make it functional in all its reliability and solidity guaranteed by CISA.

In fact, it is sufficient to install the compartment and, subsequently, when desired, without further masonry work, the front can be mounted, available both with a Double Map key lock and with the electronic combiner.

Only key

6-lever anti-friction lock (patented system) operated by a key with independent maps with over 244,000,000 possible combinations, removable only with the door closed.

Electronic dialer

Electronic dialer with electroluminescent keyboard, possibility of storing codes from 4 to 12 digits, with more than 1,000 billion possible combinations.


  • Componibility of frontplate-safe compartment
  • 10 mm thick steel door
  • Seals assembled with high resistance welding
  • 22 mm diameter nickel-plated steel rotating deadbolts
  • Special high-resistance, anti-corrosion kiln painting
  • Lock protective plate in carbonitrided steel
  • Lock and mechanisms fixed directly to the door of the safe
  • Opening commands do not protrude when in the rest position


  • Frame edge cover
  • Shelf
  • Bolts for fixing the compartment
  • Instruction sheet
  • Installation instructions