Darwin safe

Product Description

Darwin is the result of an innovative and practical installation concept.

The safe can be built into the wall at any time during building or renovation work, leaving the owner or tenant free to decide when to fit the frontplate and achieve CISA's trademark reliability and security.

Just install the safe compartment and the frontplate can be assembled at a later date without any additional masonry work. The faceplate is available with either a double bitted key or an electronic combination lock.

Intelligent system which prepares the location for the future choice and installation of the safe, so no further structural or masonry work needs to be carried out on the walls.


Technical features

  • Componibility of frontplate-safe compartment
  • 10 mm thick steel door
  • Seals assembled with high resistance welding
  • 22 mm diameter nickel-plated steel rotating deadbolts
  • Special high-resistance, anti-corrosion kiln painting
  • Lock protective plate in carbonitrided steel
  • Lock and mechanisms fixed directly to the door of the safe
  • Opening commands do not protrude when in the rest position

Supplied as standard

  • Frame edge cover
  • Shelf
  • Bolts for fixing the compartment
  • Instruction sheet
  • Installation instructions