FAST PUSH PAD - panic exit device, rim version

The rim version panic exit devices from the FAST series can be installed as supplied, ensuring quick, low-cost fitting. They are available in every model and colour with the special CISA FAST PLUS antibacterial treatment.

Quick and easy to install.
Completely modular system.

Aesthetic continuity.
New design with cleaner, crisper lines which convey the strength and durability of the product.
The rim version panic exit devices in the FAST range consist of the PUSH and TOUCH versions, both with the same design features, so different products can be installed in the same environment and still blend in with the surroundings.
Different finishes (PDV coated stainless steel, satin-finished, grey, white... ).

Versatility, two types of panic exit device perfectly coordinated.
The range includes versions with one, two or three locking points, and is completely modular.
Wide range of accessories, all interchangeable between the PUSH and TOUCH range, including additional locks and outside access devices.

Reliability guaranteed
The FAST range is certified in accordance with EN 1125 and is CE-marked. The entire range has been tested beyond the normal parameters requested by the regulations, up to 500,000 cycles with doors weighing 400 kg (double the mandatory requirement).
Also available in the fire door version

Easy and quick maintenance.
Clip-on cover with spring mechanism, no screws needed, so ordinary maintenance can be carried out quickly in compliance with regulations.

Low noise.
The cable used in the FAST range to connect additional locks reduces the operating noise associated with traditional extended bolts.


  • Painted aluminium/aluminium alloy cover
  • Chrome-plated aluminium alloy latch bolt
  • Support plates for installing additional locks
  • Flexible cable which quickly connects additional locks to the main mechanism
  • Adjustable additional locks installed with a quick-lock system
  • Bar with front fixing (PUSH range)
  • Clip-on cover with spring mechanism, no screws needed


  • Special strikers
  • Fixing screws
  • Installation and maintenance instructions


  • Outside access devices
  • Extended bolts
  • Version with hold open device
  • Version for fire doors with steel latch bolt



  • Painted black


On request

  • Painted red
  • Painted yellow
  • Painted green
  • Painted white
  • Painted grey
  • Painted steel grey
  • PVD coated satin-finished stainless steel


  • CE marking in accordance with the REGULATION (EU) of construction products 305/2011
  • Voluntary certification issued by the independent certifying body ICIM according to UNI EN 179