CISA Free standing safe C Key S with key

Safe models with keys are suitable for those who want a simple solution, without having to remember codes or combinations and at the same time reliable.

Made both in the wall and mobile versions, thanks to the 10 or 12 mm thick door, they represent the TOP version of the range with Double Map lock.

The 6-lever anti-friction lock (system patented by CISA) is operated by an independent map key with over 244 million possible combinations.


The key can only be removed with the door closed.


  • Steel door 10/12 mm thick depending on size
  • Seals assembled with high resistance welding
  • 22 mm diameter nickel-plated steel rotating deadbolts
  • Special high-resistance, anti-corrosion kiln painting
  • Lock protective plate in carbonitrided steel
  • Lock and mechanisms fixed directly to the door of the safe
  • Opening commands do not protrude when in the rest position


  • Shelves (if fitted)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Installation instructions