CISA Multitop MATIC EXIT: lock for single leaf emergency exit doors

Security working for you.

Multitop MATIC EXIT is the ideal solution for emergency exits in public and commercial buildings with heavy human traffic.

MATIC EXIT ensures maximum protection against forced entry with automatic engagement of the deadbolts and guaranteed quick exit in emergency situations.

With MATIC EXIT the door is always securely locked without having to use a key. In the event of an emergency, the door can be opened from inside by simply pressing the panic bar.

Why choose Multitop MATIC EXIT?

Remote opening

The CISA MOTOR allows you to open the MATIC EXIT lock remotely, even if the door is securely locked with 6 locking points. 
Opening can be controlled using any credentials (intercom, keypad, transponder, card, telephone, etc.).

Safe exit guaranteed at all times

MATIC EXIT guarantees safe exit in an emergency, even when the door is automatically locked. So you no longer have to manually unlock all the emergency exits at the start of the day.

Certified to the highest security grades

Grade 7 Security to prEN 15685:19 (mechanical) and EN 14846:08 (mechanical + CISA MOTOR), using protective plates for the lock and the top and bottom locking points (without the plate, Grade 6).
System CE-certified in accordance with Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011: EN 1125:08 for emergency exits with a panic exit device and EN 179:08 for emergency exits with a handle.