The longer it takes for a burglar to force open a door, the more inclined he will be to give up. This is why your choice of cylinder is fundamental.

AP4 S is certified against a variety of breaking and entering techniques, and has achieved the highest levels of resistance required by EN 1303:2015.

Cilindro europeo RS5

RS5: 5-fold ways to make you feel secure

  • Patented security with five rows of radial pins
  • Certified protection against forced entry
  • More resistant modular system
  • Digital control over duplication
  • Anti-counterfeit design
European Cylinder RX

Your Red eXpert Center is there to offer you:

  • Patented cylinder with five rows of radial pins.
  • Certified technology for protection against forced entry
  • Clone-proof and anti-counterfeit patented RX key
  • Immediate duplication
  • Professional locksmith services at your complete disposal



The longer it takes burglars to force open a door, the more likely they will give up trying to enter your home.  This is why choosing the right cylinder is essential.

CISA security cylinders are certified and patented against various housebreaking techniques (wax impression, bumping, picking) and are equipped with features that increase security (like the patented Snap Resistant system that consists of a steel core that runs through the cylinder, increasing its resistance to tearing and pulling by 40%).

The wide range of models, sizes and characteristics offered by CISA covers any need, from the residential sector to commercial use, even in contexts where security, the protection of privacy and reliability are fundamental, like hospitals, clinics and school buildings.

Several doors, one key

Master Key Systems for every need, for flexible and hierarchical access management: public, commercial and residential premises.  


Cylinder installation and maintenance

Follow the instructions carefully (take the correct measurements, identify the type of cylinder) and you can even install a CISA cylinder on your own.  Suggestions for periodic maintenance.


How to choose the right cylinder

To help you choose the cylinder that best suits your needs, we have drawn up a simple and intuitive guide that compares the security features of the various cylinder models made by CISA.

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