The longer it takes for a burglar to force open a door, the more inclined he will be to give up. This is why your choice of cylinder is fundamental.

AP4 S is certified against a variety of breaking and entering techniques, and has achieved the highest levels of resistance required by EN 1303:2015.

5-fold ways to make you feel secure

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  • Patented security
  • Certified protection against forced entry
  • More resistant modular system
  • Digital key duplication
  • Anti-counterfeit design

AP4 S cylinder


  • The cylinder and key are both patented to ensure greater protection against the main techniques for forcing entry. 
  • Key duplication is only possible upon presenting the Security Card at CISA Solution Partners or CISA.
  • The AP4 S cylinder ONE KEY can be personalised with a coloured insert on the key bow.

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Astral Tekno Pro

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Its strength lies in the cut on the cylinder: in the event of forced entry, the cylinder snaps in a controlled manner at a predetermined point. If it snaps, the heart of the cylinder remains inside the lock and it is still possible to open the door with the key.

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Key duplication


CISA Security Card: keys can only be duplicated upon presentation of your card at CISA authorised centres or Solution Partners.

CISA AuthentiCard: online key duplication by entering a PIN. 

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How to choose the right cylinder

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Choosing the right cylinder depends on 2 parameters:

  • Security: European standard EN 1303: 15
  • Reliability: European standard EN 1303: 15

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CISA Solution Partner


CISA Solution Partners, Tekno Centres and C3000 Centres give specific advice regarding key duplication and designing master key systems, offering a complete service to private individuals and public and commercial businesses.

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Several doors, one key


Master key systems for all needs:

  • Large public or commercial premises : flexible, hierarchical access management.
  • Residential: one key opens all doors.

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