Cambio Facile rekeyable lock

Product Description

CISA New Cambio Facile locks feature a rekeyable system (key) and an anti-picking system.

Resistance to forced entry.
The system protects against tampering and picking tools (European patent) and is active on all six levers of the lock to provide greater protection against forced entry with picking tools (Bulgarian method).

Security when keys are lost or stolen.
The rekeyable system allows you to change the key you are using if it is stolen or lost with little inconvenience and as many times as you wish, without having to change the lock.

Designed to let you change the key of your lock if it is lost or stolen with just a couple of simple actions and without having to carry out any work on the door.



  • Zinc-plated steel case
  • High resistance zinc-plated reversible latch bolt
  • High resistance zinc-plated steel deadbolts
  • Pre-set for additional locking points
  • Packaging: 1 or 5 pcs. (industrial packaging)
  • Two standard sizes to meet different installation needs.
  • 12V ac CE
  • Current absorption 3.1A


  • Keys
  • Key change tool
  • Key guide
  • Inner keyhole escutcheon
  • Outer keyhole escutcheon

On request

  • Additional locking points


  • Zinc-plated aluminium


  • Protective system against tampering and picking tools: acts on all six levers, blocking the lock if an intruder attempts forced entry.
  • European Patent EP 2212493 B1