CISA eSIGNO is a complete range of solutions for hotels and community buildings, ranging from electronic locks and safes to software solutions to manage access control.

Electronic solution CISA eSIGNO

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CISA eSIGNO electronic locks are very easy to operate: just hold the card up to the reader (contactless card) or use your own smartphone.

CISA eSIGNO requires no wiring, making it easy to install and to upgrade existing systems: it runs on batteries with a duration of up to 6 years.


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Access management software


CISA AERO is a simple and flexible cloud based access control solution for hotels.

The new  functions make managing access even easier, leaving you more time to concentrate on your guests.

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CISA Encoder 2.0, on the other hand, is the solution that offers all access management in a single local device, which can be scaled to achieve advanced performance and functionality.

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The wireless solution controls the system at all times without the need for wiring. The whole hotel can be controlled and managed from a centralised control station, with no hard wiring on the doors.

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Contactless reader

Wall reader

CISA wall readers can control access to communal areas such as health and fitness centres, conference rooms, garages etc. and are suitable for outdoor installation.  

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Electronic solution CISA eGO


CISA eGO complete range of solutions dedicated to the hospitality industry. The optimal solution for chains and bed and breakfast that want to have innovative electronic solutions and convenience.

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