Euro profile cylinder rim lock

CISA cylinder mortice locks for wooden and steel doors are both easy to install and allow you to easily replace the double bitted key version, so you can personalise your level of security and have fewer keys to carry around.

Personalised level of security.
Choose the cylinder which best meets your needs.

Protection against forced entry.
The mechanical system, including steel deadbolts and latch bolt, gives the lock grade 6 Security in compliance with European standard EN 12209 (the highest grade). The level of security can be further heightened as locks can be fitted with protective roses.

One key opens several doors. 
With master key systems, you can use one key to open several different accesses, such as doors, gates and garages.

Quick and easy to replace.
Interchangeable with the double bitted key version.
Cylinder extremely easy to replace, should the keys be lost.

Key comfort. 
Key is small in size and easy to use.


  • Case and floor striker in steel painted metallic antique bronze
  • Nickel-plated steel latch bolt
  • Nickel-plated steel multiple deadbolts


  • Floor striker
  • Outer rose item 1.06043.00.0
  • Inner rose item 1.06458.11.0
  • Fixing screws
  • Instruction sheet




  • Euro profile cylinder
  • Cylinder protective rose