Electronic cylinder

The contactless electronic cylinder allows hotels to quickly and easily upgrade from mechanically operated locks to electronic access control (granting access rights using cards or other electronic credentials).

It can be integrated into any previously installed system and is interchangeable with European profile mechanical cylinders.
Quick and easy to install on any kind of door (wood, glass, aluminium, fire door, etc.)
User-friendly thanks to contactless technology
No wiring needed (battery powered)
Audit trail of access logs
Also available in the IP66 version for outdoor installations

Technical features

  • Cylinder body and knobs in nickel-plated brass
  • Multi-standard reader compatible with ISO 14443B and ISO 14443A (Mifare) technologies
  • 2 possible status: normal and always on (office function)
  • Technical management: initialisation, battery change and audit trail read-out via service cards