MyEVO motorised lock

Product Description

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CISA MyEVO is a motorised lock for armoured doors with smart automatic closing.
Shutting the door automatically activates the system and engages the deadbolts until it is completely locked. 

With MyEVO you can choose how to control opening:

  • With keypad only
  • With RFID credentials (transponder) only
  • With the keypad and transponder 


Personalised codes which can be easily activated and deactivated and/or RFID credentials (transponder) allow access to different people.

3 different operating modes (automatic, semi-automatic, hold open).

The operating mechanism has been designed to keep noise to an absolute minimum. 

Electronic motorised lock which automatically locks when the door is shut, opened using a keypad, the external keypad works with numbers which the one inside has a button.


Technical features


  • Motorised operation of the latchbolt, deadbolts and extended bolts
  • Automatically locks when the door is shut
  • Zinc-plated steel case, cover and extended bolts 
  • High resistance zinc-plated steel deadbolts
  • High resistance zinc-plated non-handed latchbolt
  • Anti-crush bars for fixing screws
  • Grade "X" certified high-performance motor (200,000 cycles with lateral thrust of 120 N on the latchbolt)
  • Anti-intrusion security certified grade 6 (grade 7 if an anti-drilling protective plate is used)
  • Configuration chosen simply on keypad or by button.
  • Can be configured to operate in automatic, semi-automatic or hold open mode.
  • Silent mechanics
  • Mechanical opening guaranteed using a traditional key
  • Available in rim and mortice versions



  • CISA patented solution
  • Self-regulating distance between contacts
  • Can be positioned where you want
  • Replaces the conventional cable cover if installed with rechargeable batteries
  • Contacts do not catch when the door is closed
  • Clean, crisp installation with no protrusions

Operating modes

  • AUTOMATIC: Just push the door and it shuts securely: the deadbolts engage on their own. 
  • SEMI-AUTOMATIC: When the door is shut, the deadbolts do not engage so you can open it with the handle.
  • HOLD OPEN: The door is always open, the latchbolt and deadbolt never engage.

Power supply modes

The motorised lock can be installed and powered in three different ways

  • RESIDENTIAL USE (up to 10 openings per day)
    With this frequency of use, the MyEVO CISA lock guarantees an autonomy of 18 months using 12 AA alkaline batteries, or a 24-month battery life using 12 AA (lithium) batteries.
  • COMMERCIAL USE (over 10 openings a day)
    With this frequency of use it is recommended to power the CISA MyEVO lock with 12 rechargeable AA batteries (stylus) or by connecting it directly to the power supply provided by CISA



Regardless of the type of power chosen, the mechanical performance and comfort of use do not change and always remain at maximum.
Please note that the MyEVO CISA lock is classified as X grade according to the UNI EN 12209: 03 standard: this means that the engine power is such as to guarantee the correct functioning of the lock up to loads of lateral thrust of 12 Kg (eg seals very resistant).

Supplied as standard

  • “Door status” contacts strip
  • Operation manual
  • Installation manual
  • CISA card with keypad opening code.


On request

  • External keypad
  • Internal button
  • Battery holder
  • 24V DC power supply
  • Power supply cable
  • Cable to open door using remote control
  • Anti-drilling protective plate 
  • Euro profile cylinder
  • Cylinder protective rose
  • Additional locking points

Keypad and internal button finishes

  • Shiny gold Fin. 00 (standard)
  • Shiny black Fin. 44
  • Satin-finished chrome Fin. B1


  • Security and operation tested in compliance with EN 12209:03 and EN 14846:10



CISA MyEVO motorised lock for armoured doors