Electric rim handle

Product Description

An electrically activated handle to control access of emergency exits and fire doors.


Technical features

  • Non-handed handle
  • Idle handle when there is no power supply
  • Mechanical override with key: the key activates the handle. When the key is taken out, the handle is deactivated
  • Wiring system with connector to ensure perfect insulation of the connections
  • LED built into the handle body to view door status
  • Nickel-plated steel case
  • Painted aluminium alloy cover
  • Electric hold open device can be fitted
  • Power input to the handle by built-in Booster accessory
  • Rated voltage 12/24 V ac/dc
  • Operating voltage min 5 V, max 28 V

Supplied as standard

  • Euro profile cylinder
  • Booster module
  • Square spindle
  • Follower

On request

  • Timer


  • Painted black
  • Painted grey