3 latchbolts - multipoint lock

Multipoint gear lock with central, top and bottom latchbolts.

Security guaranteed even without a key
When the door is closed, the 3 latchbolts automatically engage without having to use the key.

Resistance to forced entry:
thanks to the combination of 3 latchbolts and 3 deadbolts.

No draughts but energy savings thanks to the hermetic seal.
The locking system with 3 latchbolts keeps the door aligned at all times. Correcting heat distortion of the door guarantees a hermetic seal, so there are not draughts, just energy savings.

Less noise.
The 3 latchbolts in the lock have a special device (anti-friction) which makes closing smooth and silent.

Protected gears.
Cases are enclosed to eliminate the possibility of damage during installation and to stop dirt and dust getting into the gears, as this can prevent correct operation of the lock.

Personalised level of security. Choose the cylinder which best meets your needs.

One key opens several doors. With master key systems, you can use one key to open several different accesses, such as doors, gates and garages. 

Key comfort.
 Key is small in size and easy to use.  


For end users

  • Locks in 3 different points without using the key.
  • Energy savings and better noise insulation.

For locksmiths

  • Cuts maintenance times and costs.
  • Door perfectly aligned.

For designers and architects

  • The lock is designed according to European Standard prEN15685.
  • Operates with a Euro profile cylinder and can be integrated into master key systems to manage access.


From the inside and outside: the 3 latchbolts automatically engage when the door is closed without having to use the key and the door is therefore always locked in 3 points.

From the inside: 

  • The 3 latchbolts are opened using the key or by simply turning the handle.
  • The 3 deadbolts can only be opened and closed using the key. 
  • By engaging the deadbolts, the handle is placed in the neutral position and the latchbolts cannot be withdrawn.

From the outside: 

  • The 3 latchbolts can only be opened using the key. 
  • The 3 deadbolts can only be opened and closed using the key.


  • Easy to use, as the key is not needed to lock the door.


  • Entrance doors
  • Secondary entrance doors


  • Case thickness 15.5 mm
  • Closed case
  • Backsets 35-40 mm
  • Centre distance 92 mm
  • Steel case and cover
  • Top and bottom adjustable faceplate 24x3 and 24x6
  • Three 11 mm-thick latchbolts
  • 8 mm-thick deadbolts with 20 mm protrusion
  • 8 mm square spindle
  • DIN holes to fix handle plate


  • Zinc-plated cases and covers
  • Zinc-plated steel faceplate with corrosion resistance up to 480 hours
  • Zinc-plated latchbolt and deadbolts


  • Pair of nylon protective roses item 1.06012.01.0
  • Cylinder and rose fixing screws
  • Instruction sheet
  • Nylon faceplate cover plugs


  • Euro profile cylinder
  • Adjustable metal strikes (see special vademecum)


  • Grade 3 Security according to European Standard prEN15685.
  • Grade 3 means the lock is suitable for EN 1627 certified doors up to resistance class WK/RC2
  • The lock can be CE-certified by German institutes (Rosenheim) because it is always locked in 3 points without having to engage with the throws.