AsixP8 Euro profile cylinder: safe and reliable

The AsixP8 Euro profile cylinder provides a good level of security and reliable performance in master key systems, making it the perfect solution for managing access in public and commercial buildings.

Thanks to the key bitting system with 8 Pins, offering over 260,000 combinations (different keys) and the possibility of managing 37,000 cylinders with a single key, AsixP8 can be installed in a master key access control system.

When AsixPis configured as a construction key, it becomes AsixP8 PRO, the ideal solution for residential environments where armoured doors requiring basic security are to be installed.

Why should you choose AsixP8 and AsixP8 PRO?

Secure and ergonomic

The cylinder is tested and patented to withstand the most common methods of forced entry (bumping, drilling, wax impression).
The key bow has an ergonomic removable plastic insert. 

Suitable for master key systems

AsixP8 is the cylinder of choice in a master key system in public and commercial facilities where one key opens all access points.

Maximum security on site

The PRO version of the AsixP8 Euro profile cylinder has been designed to meet the needs of architects, site managers and locksmiths, so tradesmen and workers can access the site even after the armoured doors have been installed, ensuring work proceeds smoothly and the building is safe.

ICIM certificate
GOST-R certificate
SKG 2 stars certificate
BSI certificate