If you have a CISA AP3 S or RS3 S key, you can control key duplication, taking it to a new level of security.

Purchase AuthentiCard at an AuthentiCard Centre.

AuthentiCard is the most technologically advanced solution to protect keys from illegal duplication as it uses the most modern and secure technologies and authentication systems available.

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Key duplication with AuthentiCard

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AuthentiCard PROTECTS: your keys can only be duplicated upon presentation of the AuthentiCard electronic card and by entering your PIN.

AuthentiCard STORES: all duplications are stored and can be checked on the website.

AuthentiCard NOTIFIES: you will receive an SMS or an email notifying you of every duplication and you can check the log of the duplications performed.

If you lose your AuthentiCard, you can block it at a CISA AuthentiCard Centre.

Upgrade Security Card to AuthentiCard


If you have opted for the maximum reliability and security offered by AP3 S and RS3 S cylinders, CISA has something that will protect your duplications too.

Just hand in your Security Card at a CISA AuthentiCard Solution Partner. A new AuthentiCard will be activated in a couple of seconds and you will be sent notification by SMS or email right away.

Duplication has never been safer


Key duplications can only be requested at CISA AuthentiCard Solution Partners upon presentation of the AuthentiCard and by entering your PIN. At the end of the operation, you will be notified by SMS or email (if you have entered them when registering on the website). Safe and easy.