Product Description

Astral Tekno Pro is the innovative evolution of the CISA

Astral Tekno Euro cylinder. Its strength lies in the cut on the cylinder body. In the event of attempted forced entry, the cylinder snaps in a controlled manner at a predetermined point.

The heart of the cylinder is protected inside the lock and is therefore difficult to remove. If it snaps in this way, it is still possible to open the door from the outside with the keys.

Astral Tekno Pro is also fitted with elements inside the cylinder which increase its drill resistance.

Astral Tekno Pro keys are patented and can be configured to open all accesses in the home with a single key.

High protection and controlled duplication: duplicates can only be obtained at CISA Tekno Centres or from CISA.

High resistance to bumping (percussion) thanks to the Bump Key Power (BKP) patented device.

Drill resistance: bitting system in hardened steel.


The innovative evolution of the CISA Astral Tekno cylinder


Technical features


• 10-pin key bitting system (6 active, 4 passive).
• Brass body.
• Brass plugs.
• Clutch-type cam in self-lubricating sintered DIN steel.
• Hardened steel pins.
• Variable shape drivers in hardened steel.
• Double side control steel pin.
• Phosphor bronze and steel springs.
• 100,000 cycles (in compliance with EN1303: 2015)


• Flat reversible.
• In nickel-plated brass.
• In nickel silver alloy for personalised profiles.
• Ergonomic plastic key bow with personalised insert available in 5 colours.
• Key neck 16 mm long, compatible with protective roses.

Supplied as standard

• 3 keys
• Security Card
• Fixing screws
• Operating and maintenance instructions


• Nickel-plated satin brass
• Polished brass


• In compliance with EN 1303:2005
Key Related Security: 6
Attack Resistance: 0
Durability: 6


• Key: EP1867810B1
• BKP: PCT/WO2007/074163A1