A wide range of locks for all security and installation requirements. Mechanical, electric and electronic locks that can be installed on steel, aluminium and wooden doors but also on armoured and fire doors and emergency exits.

Here are some of CISA's patented solutions.


DOMO Connexa: your Smart Door

DOMO Connexa smart door

Remote control. Real time security.

DOMO CONNEXA is the solution that brings smart security to armoured doors, creating the intelligent access system of the future: the Smart Door.

By using the Bridge that connects the lock to the WiFi system, you can  integrate your Smart Door with your smart home and activate Nuki Web to control your Smart Door from your computer or your Smartphone. 

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The New Multitop RC

Multitop retrocompatibile

The evolution of Multitop PRO and Multitop MAX guarantees security and reliability

The restyled main case makes it simple to install the lock on the door. It can be retrofitted to all the mechanical locks belonging to the Multitop, Multitop PRO and Multitop MAX ranges already installed and present on the market.

Discover the two available versions:

Multitop PRO RC           Multitop MAX RC

New Multitop MATIC lock

New Multitop MATIC lock.jpg

With Multitop MATIC for aluminum and iron fixtures, the door is always closed, even without a key.

The Multitop MATIC family is completed with the new motorised version with short faceplate, central closure.

Practical and safe: its high resistance to burglary has earned it the highest level of safety certified according to European legislation.

Standard version   Short faceplate version

Gate always closed


Combined with Booster Plus, the lock detects if the gate has been left open.

The opening timer ensures the door and gate are always closed if the opening button is inadvertently pressed.

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CISA Revolution PRO locks, with an active security system: when the door is completely locked (deadbolts engaged), the lock automatically blocks if the cylinder is extracted.

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Key change


With "Cambio Facile" you change your double bitted key without having to do any work on the door.

If it is lost or stolen, it can be changed with just a couple of simple actions.

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Some double bitted locks are interchangeable with the more modern cylinder versions:

  • Customised level of security.
  • Smaller, more practical key.
  • Door can be integrated into a keyed alike system.

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