2800 Series Floor Springs by Briton

The BRITON 2820 Series floor springs are ideal for high traffic single and double action doors. They are suited to:

  • Timber, metal and glass doors
  • Areas where it is not possible or desirable to fit an overhead door closer
  • Areas where an overhead door closer may be subject to abuse
  • Their compact size makes them ideal where floor depth could be a problem

BRITON 2820 floor springs are fixed power units (from EN2 to EN4), fully tested to EN1154 and CE marked.

The low profile cement box is ideal for single and double action doors with a maximum opening angle of 130° and an optional hold open facility (90°, 105°).

Why choosing the series 2800 Floor Springs?

For the user
  • may be installed where there is no space for a door closer or it risks to be vandalized.
  • suitable for high traffic doors, reliable and certified
For the installer
  • With the cover of the floor spring removed, it can be adjusted within the cement box by screw adjusters to give perfect door alignment.
  • The adjusting valves are positioned on the top face of the floor spring body and can easily be accessed once the cover plate has been removed.
For the planner
  • CE marked (except Briton 2822), EN1154 certified
  • Available in fixed power versions EN sizes 2, 3 & 4.


BRITON 2820 floor springs are fully tested to EN1154 and CE marked.

  • Low profile cement box (40 mm deep), full adjustment of door closer within the cement box (height 4 mm, length 7 mm and width 10 mm)
  • Hardened steel mechanism with ball bearing race for optimum efficiency
  • Galvanised, zinc-coated and powder coated steel cement box
  • Hardened steel spindle
  • Full adjustment of spring body within the cement box for perfect door alignment
  • High quality hydraulic fluid with built-in temperature compensation ensures reliable performance from -15° to +40° without the need for seasonal adjustments
  • Spring body in cast aluminium
  • Stainless steel cover plate available in satin or polished finish
  • Easy access to floor spring adjustments for closing speed and latch action. The door closer cannot be adjusted without removing the cover plate
  • Spindle cover


  • Adjustable Closing Speed (fully adjustable for closing speed from 130˚ to 15˚)
  • Adjustable Latch Action (the speed of closing in the last 15° can be adjusted)
  • Max. angle of opening 130˚
  • Optional hold open facility at 90˚ or 105˚ (specify 2823.SS.HO.90 or 2823.SS.HO.105)
  • Max. door width 1100 mm (use Briton 2824 model)
  • Suitable for single or double action doors up to 80 kg


Zinc-coated, painted cement box.

Satin stainless steel cover.


The Briton 2820 Series is certified for conformity with the requirements of EN 1154. It is CE marked.