Self Check-in

Your hotel under control at all times.
Manage the whole system from a centralised control station, with no hard wiring on the doors.


Secure, flexible management. 
Simple, user-friendly software to manage accesses, even for small hotels. 

Guest room doors


Non-invasive installation. 
Easy installation, even for retrofits.


Easy opening.
Intuitive opening for guests without keys weighing down pockets.


Do not disturb.
Clear message to staff that a guest is in the room.

Blends in perfectly with the style of any room.

Guest room


Safe keeping of belongings
Guests' belongings are protected in a safe that is easy to use and requires no invasive installation.


Optimised energy consumption
The electrical power in the room is switched on differently, preventing unnecessary energy wastage when the guest is out of the room.

Communal areas


Access management.
Manage access to the gym, wellness centre, gate and all the communal areas using the same guest key.


Constant control
Access to communal areas can be programmed and verified from a centralised control station.

Emergency exits


Immediate safety.
In an emergency, it must be easy for everyone to escape.


Preventing unauthorised access.
Stop suspicious characters entering the building, while respecting the regulations.

Fire door


Everything up to standard.
Fire doors must close properly in the event of fire and open easily.


The door should be easy to open
And to close, without the risk of it hitting someone.


The door must not bang. When it closes, it can disturb guests

For every access


Fewer keys, greater security. 
We have too many keys nowadays: guaranteeing security in complex structures with so many elements to protect (equipment, guests' belongings etc.) is a challenge. We need quick, efficient key management.

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