New Multitop MATIC lock

The Multitop MATIC family is completed with the new motorised version with short faceplate, central closure.

With Multitop MATIC for aluminum and iron fixtures, the door is always closed, even without a keyPractical and safe: its high resistance to burglary has earned it the highest level of safety certified according to European legislation.

Short faceplate version           Standard version

Fast Flow for emergency exits

Fast Flow for emergency exits.jpg


Fast Flow is the new CISA locking system for emergency exits: with no obstacles at floor level, it ensures smooth operation of the panic exit device. Ideal when access for equipment with wheels is required.

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Nuki wins Red Dot Smart Award


The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 has been awarded the Red Dot Smart Award, as part of the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 competition!

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MyEVO is the CISA solution for armoured doors, consisting of a motorised lock and keypad. With MyEVO the door locks automatically when it is shut.

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New Multitop MATIC lock

New Multitop MATIC lock.jpg

With Multitop MATIC for aluminum and iron fixtures, the door is always closed, even without a key.


Practical and safe: its high resistance to burglary has earned it the highest level of safety certified according to European legislation.

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Multitop MAX


4 times more secure.

Multipoint lock with 4 hook deadbolts for unbeatable security.

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eFAST is the CISA solution for motorised panic exit devices which increases security levels and performance in different kinds of buildings: schools and universities, offices and companies, hotels and B&Bs, hospitals.

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Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, MobileKey by SimonsVoss enables you to manage access without traditional keys, offering enhanced security, comfort and flexibility.

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