Within large public or commercial structures, managing access control in a flexible and hierarchical manner is a primary requirement. Only those who are authorized will be able to access certain areas. In the residential sector, having a single key that can open various entrances such as doors, gates and garages is synonymous with practicality.


CISA master key systems are therefore the most convenient and economical solution for managing accesses, while guaranteeing maximum security and protection of the building.


Furthermore, the possibility of designing the system with a patented key avoids unauthorized duplication.

To obtain a copy, you must identify yourself as an owner by presenting the Security Card.

Small businesses or commercial premises

Small businesses or commercial premises.png

Apartment buildings

Apartment buildings.png

Master key system (MK)

Every key opens its door.
The Master Key opens all doors.
With an electronic cylinder, access rights can be modified at any time.

Common entrance system (CE)

Each key opens communal areas and only your apartment door.

Private homes

Private homes.png

Large organisations

Large organisations.png

Keyed alike system (KA)

One key opens all the doors in your home

Grand master key system (GMK)

The GMK system allows hierarchical access control