Professional Plus 2 overhead door closer

The Professional Plus 2 door closer has been designed to meet all installation requirements, from standard to high traffic doors.

Thanks to the adjustable force  (EN 2-4), the door closer can be installed on doors of 1100 mm up to a maximum weight of 80 kg (version with hold open).
The choice of multi-strength and adjustable force models (EN 2-6) means it can be installed on doors from 850 to 1400 mm and weighing up to 120 kg.
The CE-marked version can be installed on fire doors up to 950 mm and weighing up to 60 kg.

Control and protection of the door.
The closing speed and final latch action adjustment valves ensure accurate control of the door's performance.
The version with hold open arm is suitable when the door needs to be kept in a certain position in total safety.
The versions supplied with the backcheck function protect the structure of the door if it is used improperly.

The range is interchangeable with most door closers on the market.


  • One-piece aluminium body with sliding cover.
  • Adjustable steel arm with or without hold open device
  • Closing speed and final latch adjustment valves for easier access.
  • Rack and pinion mechanism in hardened steel for smooth, efficient operation




  • Closing force: multi-strength version adjusted by changing the position of the body and the arm hinge (C15 model)
    Adjustable strength version: adjusted by turning the screw on the side of the closer body (C16 and C21 models)
  • Closing speed can be adjusted from 180° to 15° by acting on the relevant valve (closing)
  • Final latch action can be adjusted from 15° to 0° by acting on the relevant valve (latch action)
  • Adjustable backcheck helps lower the risk of damage to the door and the surrounding walls
  • Hold open position can be adjusted up to 130° (cannot be used on fire doors)


  • Fixing screws
  • Template and installation instructions



  • Fin. 97 Aluminium


On request

  • Fin. 87 Champagne
  • Fin. 88 Dark brown
  • Fin. 44 Black
  • Fin. 90 Matt black
  • Fin. 45 White


  • Voluntary certification issued by an independent certifying body according to UNI EN 1154
  • CE marking in compliance with regulations (EU) no. 305/2011