Multitop PRO - multipoint electric lock

The Multitop PRO Elettrica lock with latchbolt only lets you open the door from a distance, while maintaining high security levels. Dead-locking latch only lock (no throw): when the door is locked, the withdrawal of the deadbolt automatically blocks the latch bolt, increasing the door's security.

Greater security for doors and large entrance doors which are not deadbolted. Dead-locking latch bolt: when the door is locked, the withdrawal of the deadbolt automatically blocks the latch bolt

Protection against forced entry.
The level of security can be further heightened as the lock can be fitted with protective roses.

Protected gears. Cases are enclosed to eliminate the possibility of damage during installation and to stop dirt and dust getting into the gears as this can prevent correct operation of the lock.

Easy and economical to install. Reversible and adjustable latch bolt to ensure ideal coupling with the strike plate.

Personalised level of security. Choose the cylinder which best meets your needs.

One key opens several doors. With master key systems, you can use one key to open several different accesses, such as doors, gates and garages.

Key comfort. Key is small in size and easy to use.


  • Case thickness 15.5 mm
  • Closed case
  • Backset 25-30-35-40 mm
  • Latchbolt interchangeable with roller
  • Case in pressure die-cast metal
  • Steel cover
  • Top and bottom adjustable faceplate
  • 11 to 17 mm adjustable latchbolt
  • 2.5 to 15.5 mm adjustable roller
  • 10.5 to 16.5 mm adjustable latchbolt and deadbolt
  • Latchbolt with anti-burglary device
  • 12 mm thick divertor deadbolts with 25 mm protrusion
  • Protective plate for grade 7
  • Pre-set for installation of microswitch on the divertor case
  • 8 mm square spindle
  • DIN holes to fix the handle plate
  • Voltage 12 V AC CE


  • Pair of nylon roses
  • Lock and cylinder fixing screws



  • Euro profile cylinder
  • Adjustable metal strikers (see special Vademecum)
  • Additional extension bolts for 4th and 5th locking points
  • Kit for bolt extensions up to 3000 mm
  • Threaded pin for fixing external rods
  • Cylinder protective rose
  • Button
  • Pair of electrical contacts