D8200 cam action door closer

The CISA D8200 series door closer is concealed, offering a highly aesthetic solution and giving the door an overall cleaner and crisper line.

The CISA D8200 series concealed door closers with sliding arm and cam action deliver precision operation.

The door closer body is installed on the top edge of the door and the sliding arm in the frame above.

The CISA D8200 series offers exceptional resistance to abuse and is an excellent aesthetic solution as it is completely invisible when the door is closed.

It is extremely easy to use as it reduces the resistance encountered when opening the door. The CISA D8200 series is the ideal solution for meeting the requirements of fire protection, while guaranteeing a system that is easy to use and access.


  • Cast iron body
  • Steel sliding arm with or without hold open device
  • Adjustment valves with thermostatic device
  • Cam operation reduces the force needed when opening the door.
  • The force adjustment system enables you to see the current force setting for the door closer
  • The CE-marked version can be installed on fire doors up to 950 mm and weighing up to 60 Kg
  • Suitable for doors with a minimum thickness of 44mm.


  • Adjustable closing force EN 2-4
  • Adjustable closing speed from 120˚ to 7˚.
  • Adjustable final latch action in the end section (7°) to overcome seals and latchbolts.
  • Adjustable mechanical hold-open device to keep the door open at a certain angle.


  • Screws
  • Adhesive templates


- Fin. 97 Aluminium


  • CE marking in compliance with EN 1154