CISA Wall safe C Key 3 with mechanical combination lock

Ideal for situations in which it is preferable that the opening mechanism is subordinate to more than one person.

Easy-to-use three-knob dialer, 32,000 possible combinations, which acts as a lock for the Double Map key lock with over 244 million possible combinations.

The mechanical dialer that stands out for its ease of use can be combined with a lock with a double bit key to increase safety.

  • Thanks to the dialer, the key lost and found by a stranger will not allow the safe to be opened.
  • The combination of key and dialer allows to provide two different people with the two credentials, both necessary for opening.

In addition to the wall version, the safe is also available in the cabinet version with the same characteristics.


  • Steel door 10/12 mm thick depending on size
  • Seals assembled with high resistance welding
  • 22 mm diameter nickel-plated steel rotating deadbolts
  • Special high-resistance, anti-corrosion kiln painting
  • Lock protective plate in carbonitrided steel
  • Lock and mechanisms fixed directly to the door of the safe
  • Opening commands do not protrude when in the rest position


  • Shelves (if fitted)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Installation instructions