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Fewer keys, greater security. We have too many keys nowadays and finding the right one can be difficult and time-consuming. There is no control over some rooms because the keys have been lost. We need more effective key management.


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Main entrance


Freedom and security.
People are always coming and going, and sometimes it is more convenient to leave the door open: it should be kept shut while still making access easy.

Authorised entry only. The entrance door must be controlled more, we can't just let anyone in.

Fire doors


Everything up to standards Fire doors must close properly in the event of fire and open easily.

The door should be easy to open. And close, without the risk of it hitting someone.

The door must not bang. When it closes, it can disturb people who are working

Emergency exits


Immediate escape. In an emergency it must be easy for everyone to get out.

Preventing thefts. Thieves could try and break into the building through the emergency exit: we need tighter security.

Access to sensitive areas


More security where it's needed. Server rooms, management offices, archives, technical rooms: certain areas need special protection. Only authorised staff must be granted access.

All key duplications controlled. So you always know when a copy is made and how many copies there are.

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