Multitop PRO RC - multipoint mechanical lock

The RC evolution of the Multitop PRO range guarantees a high degree of protection and simplifies the installation of the lock on the door. The new Multitop PRO RC version in fact can be easily retrofitted to all earlier models and it is characterized by the restyling of the central box.

elevata sicurezza

High security thanks to the CISA registered patent: locking system with hardened steel hook. Deadbolt with a thickness of 12 mm and horizontal sliding and deadbolts independent of the central mechanism.

protezione totale

Total protection guaranteed:
 the lock is pre-set for 4th and 5th locking points to increase resistance to forced entry. Additionally, the state of the bolts is always under control thanks to the microswitch: in fact, it returns a light signal that is activated every time the passage is not securely locked


It can easily be retrofitted to earlier models of Multitop range. Thanks to the restyling of the main case, no additional work is required on the door when upgrading from a previously installed version.

copertura completa porta

Complete door coverage: the standard 2300 mm height of the faceplate can be extended to 3000 mm to improve the appearance and security of the door.

recupero distorsione termica

The rack mechanism, which makes it easier to turn the key, and the deadbolts with their more rounded design, effectively correct distortion of the door due to sudden changes in temperature.


Protected gears. Closed cases, to avoid possible tampering during assembly and the entry of dirt and dust inside the gears which could hamper the correct functioning of the lock.

Reversible and adjustable latchbolt to ensure perfect fit with the strikers.

Security level customization. Choosing the most suitable cylinder for your needs.

One key for multiple doors. Through the master key systems it is possible to open various entrances such as doors, gates, and garages with a single key

Key comfort. Small key size and ease of use.


  • Entrance doors
  • Side entrance doors
  • Railings and shutters to protect French windows
  • Sliding doors


  • Case thickness 15.5 mm
  • Closed case
  • Backsets 25-30-35-40 mm
  • Latchbolt interchangeable with roller
  • Steel cover
  • Top and bottom adjustable faceplate
  • 11 to 17 mm adjustable latchbolt
  • 2.5 to 16.5 mm adjustable roller
  • 12 mm thick divertor deadbolts with 25 mm protrusion Multitop PRO RC series
  • Pre-set for installation of microswitch on the divertor case
  • 8 mm square spindle
  • DIN holes to fix the handle plate


  • Pair of nylon roses
  • Lock and cylinder fixing screws
  • Instruction sheet


  • Modular roller assembly
  • Euro profile cylinder
  • Adjustable metal strikers
  • Additional locking systems for 4th and 5th locking points
  • Kit for bolt extensions up to 3000
  • Threaded pin for locking external rods
  • Cylinder protective rose


  • Grade 6 Security in compliance with EN 15685
  • Grade 7 Security  in compliance with EN 15685 with use of protective plates Series 06436
  • Suitable for EN1627:11 certified doors up to resistance class WK/RC4
  • In compliance with EN 12209:2016