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Fewer keys, greater security.
We have too many keys nowadays: sometimes doors cannot be locked because we have lost the keys. We need more effective key management.

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Apartment or house front doors


Protection against forced entry. I want nothing but the best for my doors and windows.

No key duplication. My level of protection must be tailored to my needs.

I don't want to give my keys to anyone but I can't live without my baby-sitter!

Open and close your armoured door with one simple, keyless action. 

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Main entrance of apartment building


Secure entry. Increased protection against unauthorised entry.

All key duplications under control. Know when a copy is made and how many copies there are.

Open and close the door even with your hands full. Easy opening and no risk of the door hitting anyone.

Hassle-free opening. My key must open the door at all times and in all circumstances.

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Window and patio doors


More protection. My window is vulnerable to attack: I need to feel more protected.

More secure and easier to use. Can I increase the resistance of my window with one action?

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Pedestrian gate


Gate always closed.
The gate should never be left open, a child or dog could get out! That must never happen.

Always under control.
I need to know straightaway if the gate has been left open.

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Fire doors


Everything up to standard. Fire doors must close properly in case of fire.

Protection for everyone. In an emergency, everyone should be able to open the door without difficulty.

The door is very heavy. I want to easily open and close it without the risk of it hitting someone when I release it.

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