The CISA access management solution that ensures maximum control and is extremely easy to use

It creates a centralised remote control which does not require hard wiring and uses an existing network and can be accessed by any device with a browser.

It optimises card management: the interface signals any unusual events, warns of card expiry and can remotely manage cards, validating or cancelling them if necessary.

It controls the system status thanks to a general overview, enabling you to analyse the main working parameters: battery status, door status (open, privacy, in operation, attempts at opening, emergency openings). 

Wireless infrastructure:

This system communicates with locks and wall-mounted readers, gathering information through a network of antennas which it conveys to the control and management system. The basic components of the wireless infrastructure are:

  1. gateways which have an IP address as they are connected to the Ethernet network (PoE power supply),
  2. controller with an IP address which communicates with both the wall readers and the control system.


Users can analyse data stored in the system by accessing them through the web using common browsers. The interface is proactive because it provides users with system information and warms them of irregularities through specially created widgets.


A server communicates with one or more controllers to manage the system information.


eSIGNO locks or wall readers in wireless configuration and/or wall readers with an Ethernet interface. The system may be mixed or configured for only locks or wall readers.