CISA AERO access management software

CISA AERO is a cloud system that takes the hard work out of access control, so you are free to concentrate on your guests.


It creates keys in just a couple of clicks, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface that highlights the functions users use most.

No hardware risks

Your data are always safe and accessible on the CISA cloud. No need for backups servers or dedicated hardware to reduce maintenance costs.


CISA AERO is an expandable solution that grows as your business grows. You can strart with configuring a single door then, if necessary, gradually increase the number of users and doors at any time. Even the advanced features can be added afterwards by acquiring the appropriate licenses.

CISA AERO Smart Access

Mobile technology is changing how guests of all ages behave. Today we all rely on our smartphones for most of our everyday activities.

CISA has developed a new system - CISA AERO Smart Access - which gives guests access to their hotel room using their smartphone: opening the door is now as easy as chatting.