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A-Z of access control: physical security, video surveillance, time and attendance recording, needs planning

CISA, with its know-how and decades of experience in mechanical security, has teamed up with Interflex, another company in the Allegion group specialised in advanced electronic access control systems, sharing its skills and expertise. Together we offer solutions and consulting for all our clients’ design, installation and maintenance needs.


Access control for small and medium-sized businesses

MobileKey: the answer for small and medium-sized businesses

Imagine opening and closing your door without your keys using a transponder, smartphone or keypad for greater security and simplicity. Now you can. With MobileKey no wiring or drilling is needed. Configure your doors with the help of the free app and your new locking system is ready to go.



The main function of an access control system is to grant discretionary access to a building or a single office or area only to those who are entitled to be there.

For years, a traditional deadbolt lock and a good key were the only way to control access. Nowadays, however, our needs have changed and the focus is on smarter solutions. We want to be able to control everyone who goes through a door or turnstile, as well as integrate anti-intrusion devices, even automating entire facilities and controlling workflows.

Keys are becoming a thing of the past, replaced by electronic access control systems which are controlled by a local network or in the cloud. These systems are a quick and inexpensive way of granting access to people who have authorisation, while denying it to those who don’t.

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CISA belongs to Allegion, an international group which provides solutions for all aspects of security. This means it has access to an extensive portfolio of products and integrated solutions which combine traditional mechanical components (locks, cylinders, handles) with state-of-the-art electronic control systems. 

Whether you have an office complex, a hospital, a chain of retail stores or a holiday rental business, our team of consultants, technicians and specification writers is on hand to guide you through the design and installation of the best security and access control solution.



CISA Allegion’s team of security consultants offers a wide range of consulting and support services to assist local distributors and locksmiths with their designs, specifications, procurement, maintenance and security needs.


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Access control systems are becoming more and more important for building security managers. The sector is making great strides and expectations are higher than ever, demanding greater levels of integration with other construction and safety systems and advances in reading technologies. CISA and Allegion offer training, consultancy and assistance in project engineering, from preliminary inspections to all the executive phases, to ensure the right access control system is installed. 




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University and campus

Access control and wireless solutions for universities and student residences

An access control system on campus or in a student residence automates openings and creates a more efficient and fluid overall campus experience for students, faculty and staff.

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access control for hospitals

White paper on access control in hospitals

Download the white paper drawn up by Tecnica Ospedaliera, with the educational partnership of CISA, which illustrates the needs and components of an access control system in healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.).

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Retail and shops

Access control in supermarkets and retail: challenges and opportunities

Supermarkets are complicated places with numerous entry points (loading areas, displays, offices) which employees, clients and suppliers all access. Physical security ensures the safety of people, assets and values.

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