UPTOWN project

The new “smart” residential complex in Milan


A special solution for the residential sector

UpTown is the new “smart district” located in Cascina Merlata, in the metropolitan area of Milan (Italy). More than 130 new apartments and residences will be ready in the next years. The project, which consists mainly of residential properties and covers an area of around 900,000 sqm, features an innovative metropolitan habitat which has been designed in line with advanced environmental sustainability principles. The district of Cascina Merlata lies to the north west of Milan, near the site of Expo 2015 and the Rho-Pero fairground. CISA has signed an exclusive partner contract for security around the door and adjacent areas. 


On 9 June 2017 the “UPTOWN showroom” was inaugurated to promote sales of a new multi-property district in Milan. The showroom is open every day and potential customers can see different solutions for their new “smart house". The showroom has an area where all the partners, including CISA, display their project solutions.

The solution



Thanks to CISA’s experience, we can make the places people live in more secure with complete solutions that combine safety and comfort.


The CISA UPTOWN proposal is based on three options:


  • CISA TOPUPTOWN: mechanical solution with a combined Master Key Plan to simplify access and secure the doors.
  • CISA UPPREMIUM: combined mechanical and mechatronic solution (key + keypad + mechatronic lock).
  • CISA UPEXCLUSIVE: full package that combines a CISA mechanical and mechatronic solution with a SimonsVoss electronic solution and remote access control through a smartphone.   



Up Town brochure

UpTown, your space in the heart of Milan


CISA brochure

Solutions for apartments in Cascina Merlata