Protective rose series 06490

Clearly visible from the outside, protective roses act as an effective deterrent against burglars and create a real shield around the cylinder, protecting it from being reached by lock forcing tools. CISA protective roses are available in a wide range of finishes to match different door types.

Drill resistant thanks to its body and rotor in carbonitrided steel.

Resistant to tearing thanks to the steel through screws and the anti-grip rose shape.


  • Single block body in carbonitrided steel
  • Polished chrome carbonitrided steel rotor
  • M6 through screws
  • Compatible with locks with 38 mm centre distance DIN holes



  • Polished brass (fin. 00)
  • Polished chrome (fin. 18)
  • Gun barrel (fin. 46)
  • Anodised dark bronze (fin. 64)
  • Anodised light bronze (fin. 65)
  • Nickel-plated satin chrome (fin. B1)