AuthentiCard is the ideal, most technologically advanced solution to protect keys from any type of counterfeiting or illegal duplication. It ensures total control and owners have to be identified with a PIN.

If you have a CISA RS3 or a CISA AP3 key, request AuthentiCard so you can manage and control key duplication online

AuthentiCard PROTECTS
Keys can be duplicated at CISA AuthentiCard Solution Partners only upon presentation of AuthentiCard and the owner's identification must be verified with the PIN.

AuthentiCard STORES
AuthentiCard stores all performed duplications to the system memory which can be consulted online (for RS3 S cylinders) or at trusted CISA Solution Partners.

AuthentiCard NOTIFIES
If you submit a mobile phone number and/or an e-mail address, you will be notified every time an operation is completed with AuthentiCard.

If you already have an AuthentiCard, go directly to the customer reserved area and access all the services.


  • AuthentiCard provides essential protection when duplicating AP3 S and RS3 S keys and cylinders.
  • AuthentiCard uses an electronic card and a PIN to authorise any requests for duplications.
  • AuthentiCard notifies the owner of any operations by SMS and email.
  • AuthentiCard allows you to check the audit trail of duplications performed.
  • If you lose your AuthentiCard, it can be blocked. Just go to the nearest CISA AuthentiCard Solution Partner.


If you connect to the website and log into the ”Customer Access” area, you will be able to:

  • check all the duplications made with your AuthentiCard and stored in the audit trail*;
  • change your PIN;
  • enter or change your mobile number or email address where you receive automatic notifications.