New CISA AsixP8 cylinder

The winning choice for multiple entrance buildings

The new AsixP8 by CISA offers a reliable and flexible cylinder solution to people who are responsible for everyday security in public and commercial buildings. AsixP8 is an extremely versatile cylinder that expresses its full potential both in the design and construction phase and in everyday use, thanks to its distinctive technical features. 

FAENZA (April, 2021)


Giuseppe Pozzi, Key & Door Systems Platform Lead CISA, explains why: “AsixP8 owes its name to the 8-pin double bitting system. The cylinder’s strong point lies in the great potential for multiple access management: up to 37,000 cylinders with one master key and over 260,000 different key combinations.”                                                      

Due to its high master keying capacity, it is the perfect choice for managing access in public and commercial buildings. As well as providing a good level of protection, it gives the advantage of opening a number of doors with a single key and of granting access to authorized users alone.

The AsixP8 PRO version with construction key ensures works can be carried out also after armored doors have been installed without compromising building security, because the first use of the homeowner’s key locks out the construction key used until then. This makes AsixP8 PRO an ideal solution for residential applications because it answers the need shared by designers, building site managers, security systems installers, but also homeowners and building managers, for a highly functional cylinder than proves extremely versatile in a number of applications. 

From a security point of view, the patented cylinder is certified against key bumping and drilling and is highly resistant to impressioning

AsixP8 adds a key point to CISA’s offering of simple and cost-effective solutions for managing access in complex contexts characterized by a high number of users, locks and rooms. 

CISA, a brand of Allegion, is one of Europe’s leading providers of security and access control systems. Since its foundation in 1926, it plays a primary role in satisfying the security requirements of any type of building with dedicated electro-mechanical solutions, which enable real-time access control and management. Whether it’s residential homes or business centers, schools or health and hospitality facilities, safety is our main concern.

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