CISA and the project UPTOWN

On June 9 EuroMilano inaugurated the new “UPTOWN showroom” to promote sales of a new multi-property district in Milan.

UpTown is the new “smart district” located in Cascina Merlata, in the metropolitan area of Milan (Italy). More than 130 new apartments and residences will be ready in the next years. CISA has signed an exclusive partner contract for security around the door and adjacent areas.



“The contract with EuroMilano – says Carlo Neri, Sales Project Representative – is part of our EMEIA PBB, Project Based Business, targeted to accelerate the creation of demand and build a solid process to address the New Build and Major Renovation markets. EuroMilano – underlines Carlo - contacted us through and since our first meeting, we have worked as its business partner and trusted security advisor, providing a tailor-made solution including mechanical and mechatronic technologies”.

The new showroom is now open and every day potential customers will be able to see different solutions for their new “smart house”. The showroom has an area where all the partners, including Allegion - CISA, can display their solutions for UpTown, as well as an example of an apartment.

“In the past weeks – explains Carlo – we have organised training sessions with the UpTown sales networks to present the benefits and key values of our solutions. In the agreement with EuroMilano, we also include a co-marketing program. They will include our brands in end user communications and we will support them with a communication pack”.

UpTown is also a good example of door manufactors. “The entry doors of the apartment are provided by Alias one of our main partners for armored door – remarks Roberta Rizzo, Area Manager Italy Strategic Accounts Italy&Spain – “We worked together to consolidate a scalable proposal focused on the end user needs”.

The proposal is based on three options:

  • CISA TopUpTown: mechanical solution with a combined Master Key Plan to simplify access and secure the doors.
  • CISA UpPremium: combined mechanical and mechatronic solution (key + keypad + mechatronic lock)
  • CISA UpExclusive: full package that combines a CISA mechanical and mechatronic solution with a Simons Voss electronic solution and remote access control through a smartphone.  

In order to generate demand, one of the first activities in the communication campaign is a video that will be posted on social media. You can see a preview of it here. Communication will also include coverage of this new “smart district” in the main newspapers. CISA is in contact with EuroMilano PRs to work on joint communications, leveraging their contacts and channels. For example, here you can see the story recently published in the Corriere della Sera (the main Italian newspaper).

In this link you can see the comm pack, the aim is to use it as a model for future PBB customers. CISA has already received seven contacts in the past month from and they are included in the CRM.

We look forward to keeping you all updated about our new PBB initiatives. Please feel free to contact me for more information or for proposals based on your experiences with projects and vertical markets.