AP3 S cylinder

CISA AP3S cylinders are the ideal solution for anyone who needs a high performance cylinder.

Delivers high protection and controlled duplication, as keys can only be duplicated by CISA Solution Partners and CISA

+ 40% resistance to pulling and tearing thanks to the Snap Resistant feature, a dual-material steel core.

High resistance to bumping (percussion) thanks to the BKP (Bump Key Power) device.

Request AuthentiCard to manage and control key duplication online, learn more.


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  • Cisa BKP (Bump Key Power) patented system: resistant to bumping
  • 11-pin key bitting system.
  • Brass body with segment pack along the whole length of the cylinder
  • Brass plugs with Snap Resistant dual-material core
  • Pins in carbonitrided steel
  • Steel drivers
  • Phosphor bronze and steel springs



  • Flat reversible 
  • In nickel silver alloy with mobile element, protected by 3D trademark
  • Long blade, compatible with protective roses
  • Numerical code on key bow
  • Key duplication only by CISA Solution Partners or CISA


  • 3 keys
  • Security Card
  • Fixing screws
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • Cylinders with ALI keys upon request


  • Nickel-plated satin brass
  • Polished brass


  • In compliance with EN1303: 2005
    Key Related Security: 6
    Attack Resistance: 2
    Durability: 6
  • For armoured doors classified from 4 to 6 according to standard


  • Key: PCT/EP99/07611
  • Snap Resistant core: EuropeEP1583878, Russia RU2361989
  • BKP: PCT/WO2007/074163A1
  • ALI is protected by shape trademark no. B02004C0000802